Tales From The Wholly Unholy

News and whatever other crap can be found lying around the junkyard that Jimmy The Saint And The Sinners call their home.

Can’t have your pie and eat it too…

Showmen. Playazz..

Winter’s icy talons are loosening. The buds are forming on the branches and the woman are showing skin. Spring.

Here are some songs that got me through the dark old winter..

The BlackBird.

sounds like a real barnstormer.. 

sounds like a real barnstormer.. 

Our first single to be released from “The Best of Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners” released today! You gotta be Sinning to be Winning ;)

Cheers to all those who came and saw us play on Saturday! Such a bloody great festival. So much awesome music.. way to go SPF!

Oneway Project TODAY at 4pm with our mates DEAD BEAT BAND, Oceanics, Colourfide & Dolphins. Come for a drink and a jig.. http://ow.ly/5Agix

treat your ears before our big show tomorrow! Another sample from our forthcoming album being released next week! http://ow.ly/5zkZi

for a taste of what to expect at our album launch, get on down to the Surfers Paradise: Oneway Project this Saturday! http://ow.ly/5vWT3